Sunrise Radio  is a radio station broadcasting a mixed format consisting of news, sports, variety of talk programmes and music.

Sunrise FM is located at Arusha, the regional headquarter of the Northern Zone and one of the fastest growing towns in Tanzania.

Sunrise FM encompasses three kinds of format in programs: It is community based commercial station with public interest programming.

The station operates for 24 hours each day. For 18 hours from 06:00 hours to midnight with local programmes that covers news, talking and entertainment. The night shift from 24:00 to 06:00 is dedicated to “Angel of the Night” with slow relaxing music.


Sunrise FM over the first six (6) years of operation had an average radius of 120 kilometres. In February 2012 Sunrise FM completed a geographical expansion programme which extended its signal to the entire Northern zone and parts of Central.  Today Sunrise FM has a radius of up to 300 kilometres and a listenership of well over 6 million people.

The radio frequency 94.9 FM has coverage in entire Northern Zone and few areas in Central part of Tanzania

Sunrise FM broadcasts in Kiswahili language. The Swahili language is also widely spoken in Tanzania. Around 7 million people speak Swahili as a native language and a further 135 million speak as a second language.


“To become household radio worldwide”  


“To provide high quality radio programmes that will ensure we are trusted and valued by the community as whole”